about emogayu

emogayu is a conceptual code name where it dedicated to the working projects.
the projects are based on the medium of ceramics, clothing line,
and digital interface design and development such as web, mobile, IOT application

- products

The products designed to provide stimulating statement or
fun and warm feeling to the space around home and social space.

Past show
SOFA NEW YORK 2012, New York
The San Francisco Art Fair 2012, San Franisco
The Metro Show 2012 March, New York
New York Arts of Pacific Asia Show 2011 March, New York
Contained Excitement @Cavin Morris Gallery 2011 Jan, New York
New York Arts of Pacific Asia Show 2010 March, New York

Past installation:
Nagare 2016 @ Simple Syrup, Brooklyn New York
Tension 2015 @ Hattie Carthan Garden
Tension 2013 as a part of 'We, The Makers" @ DUMBO Loft, New York
Tension 2012 @ Dekalb Market Farm, New York
Tension 2011 @ Veronica People's club, New York
Volcano 2009 @ Archip Theare Gallery, New York
Volcano @ Mudpit gallery ( Bushwick Open Studio ), New York
Volcano 2008 @ Lift Gallery, Tokyo
Ceramics & poem 2007 @ Machiya Gallery, Tokyo
Design Festa 2004 @ Bigsite, Tokyo

Show & Retail location:
Merchant4 @ New York, NY (wmerchant4.com)
Ochre @ New York, NY (www.ochre.net)
Cavin-Morris Gallery

Lucky Magazines Inspiration Board; Apr 2010 Issue

- design

Clothes and accessories that gives client a comfort fitting, energy, individuality.
To serve that purpose, every clothes is couture
Form and fitting is the one of the major concentration of emogayu.
Design is done in the way that emphasizes shape meanwhile keeps it sporty and street casual.
It sometimes tries to exaggerated the form to just have fun wearing them in any occasion.

Client location:
Tokyo, Japan
Osaka, Japan
New York, United States
- contents

Currently, digital based environment such as PC, mobile, is necessary tool
in our lives. Therefore, it is critical for any entity to utilize its medium
to represent itself.
In the professional life, it is also essential to keep high profile on
usability for the targeted user, while standing out, or present their
profile color in their competitive field.
emogayu pursues the achievement for both requirements, and suggests
the solution or provide alternative suggestion in terms of design
and development.

Past work:
e-commerce website
company website
secure bank sytem application interface
mobile application interface(localization work)

Himatsubushi kakurega